my reflection in the shiny part of a motorcycle with rainbow flags

this would be a motorcycle. and those would be my green pants.


If you like what you see, get at me. I have all these photos but in bigger file sizes and without those annoying watermarks, should any of them strike your fancy.

kathleengclark [at] gmail [dot] com

Or you could take your chances and bump into me in Ottawa. I’m around.

Also if you need a wedding singer. I could do that.


2 thoughts on “contact

  1. Dear Kathleen, I just saw your little film on Scotty Douglas Goreham. I know this young fella. He use to be a tenant of mine and my hubby in Brantford. As you must know, he has a drinking problem, but I’ve been trying to find him for almost 5 years. I wanted to pass on a message to him from me. If you see him again, ask him to call June in Brantford @ 5197593528. he can call collect. I’m glad he’s still alive, how he remains on the street, I’ll never know. Thanks for helping me out. Yours truly, June Marshall

    • Hi June,
      What a tiny world this is. I have been meaning to track down Mr. Goreham to see how he has been doing since I interviewed him. A friend of mine told me he is still in Ottawa so I shouldn’t have too much trouble. I’ll be sure to pass your number along.
      Thanks for contacting me.

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