52 project / photography

2/52 project: “hands”

boy's face reflected in a metal mixing bowl. his hand is propping up the bowl like he is pouring something out of it.

lil bro, pouring dough.

Week two.

Did I mention that I’m quite terrible at New Year’s Resolutions? I took this photo ages ago, during the time I had set for myself and everything. I just forgot to post it /slash/ forgot I had a Resolution at all.

The  topic: hands.

And there’s an actual hand in it, so that’s pretty self-explanatory.

This is my teenage brother baking a cake. Not just any cake though – a cheese cake. Right there is an obvious element of change: taking boring cream cheese and changing it into something we as siblings deem delicious enough to physically fight over (we also wage epic battles over shawarma… because food is important to us apparently).

But the real change is in my brother. He’s taking an interest in the kitchen! And while he has yet to develop a passion for doing the dishes, cake-baking is a good start in the right direction.

Plus the other day he made like 14 kg of Pad-Thai for dinner, after a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation cooking program inspired him to do so. Cooking and the CBC: two signs of maturity.

Now if he’d just take out the rubbish…


For some reason I have a copy of The Merchant of Venice in my backpack. I must’ve thrown it in there so I could relive high school English in my spare time? Maybe. Anyway this week’s word comes from Act III, Scene IV…

I never did repent for doing good,
Nor shall not now: for in companions
That do converse and waste the time together,
Whose souls do bear an egal yoke of love,
There must be needs a like proportion
Of lineaments, of manners, and of spirit (lines 10-15)[1]

(Long story short: fast friends are likely similar in character.)

So the word this week is companions. Remember photos must contain therein at least one (1) human, change of some sort and, of course, companions. Now go forth; this could get fun.


[1]Shakespeare, William. The Merchant of Venice. New York: Airmont Publishing Company, Inc. 1965.


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