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1/52 project: “reversed”

This is my first, late, strange looking contribution to my own New Year’s Resolution.

mostly yellow and orange light in a ring. there is a building in the distance in the centre of the light ring and two shadowy figures in the foreground.

Sparks Street with a halo at 6:02PM. I edited out all the mirth. (Ottawa, Ontario)

I asked my brother what he thought of the photo. He asked if it was a lion.

Well it’s not a lion. It’s a road. And I do have a very good explanation for how this candy-coloured picture of Ottawa’s Spark Street fits with the theme of “reversed.” For one, this is a pedestrian mall lined with office buildings, an everything-must-go-Zellers, and the CBC among other  things. At 6:02pm the folks walking here are typically going home from work… so they are reversing their morning commute.

A stretch? I’m just getting started.

The “reversed” theme continues: in my thinking while taking the photo (thinking counts because there is visual evidence to support it…. hey I just make up the rules, I didn’t say I’d be good at following them). I was crouched down on the paving stone, trying to focus the camera on something – anything – and finding it extremely difficult to see, let alone bring the blurry world into focus.

Because my glasses had fogged up. I realized. After a while.

[Some other attempts]

Every time I brought my camera up to my eye, hot air from my mouth funneled directly to my specs and BAM. Instacloud. So I took them off my face and looked through the viewfinder again. This time the world was clear and crisp and grim and harsh. I didn’t like it. Grey stone sucked the orange light from the sun right out of the sky. Christmas and New Year’s Eve decorations hung forgotten on lamp posts. Passers-by had that “crap it’s only Wednesday” look on their faces.

Normally I’m pretty on top of keeping my lens clean. No specks or smudges getting in my photographs, thanks. But I reversed my thinking this time. I breathed on my camera’s lens filling the round window with condensation. Suddenly the street looked delicious like sorbet.

And now, for all you people who haven’t experienced the joy of wearing glasses, that is what you’re missing out on. Cheers.


In honour of Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech at the Globes, this week’s word comes from page 137 of The Hunger Games:

“Peeta’s hands are wrapped in bandages. I can’t help feeling guilty.”[1]

“Hands” is the word, y’all. Remember your photo must contain at least one (1)  human, an element of change, and obviously something to do with hands.

And may the odds be evah in your favour.


[1]Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic Press, 2008.


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