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I’ve resolved to do something, apparently.

sky is completely lit from fireworks. silohette of a man watching them is in the foreground.

once upon a new year’s eve. (Welland, Ontario)

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.

To me, January 1st has never felt like the right time to make a change or start something new. So the calender starts over, why should I suddenly begin exercising / learning Arabic /meditating / flossing? After your dentist lectures you on gum disease or before a new school year always seem like much better times for such things.

The closest I’ve gotten to a newyearsresolution is making a loose pact with myself during the dawn days of each September to fix my putting-off problem…. to please-God stop leaving assignments and studies to the last minute. [Years of broken self-promises and many, many an all-nighter later, I came to realize that I am a procrastination junkie. Yup I need help.] But now that I am done school I do not have this natural break in my year when summer ends and school reboots. I have no optimal time to reassess my life, vow to change, and then inevitably fail.

So I guess I’ll try the new year’s thing.

(And this resolution has nothing to do with procrastination, by the way. I mean, look, we’re already a week into 2013 and I’m just making up my mind to do this.)

My father was the first to hear of the plan.

“Hey Dad. I think I have a newyearsresolution.”

“O yeah,” he said, clearly not grasping the enormity of this. “Other than getting a job?”

Ha.Ha. “No that would be a life plan. This is just a resolution.”

girl standing in the Colosseum is staring at her cell phone.

no bigs, just ignoring the Colosseum to text people. (Rome, Italy) example photo

What I want to do is take a photo, I explained. Once a week, I will open a book – any book – jab my finger down at the page and the word I land on will be my muse – my theme for the one photo I will hunt for the next seven days (for example, the word for the above picture could hypothetically have been “ancient” or “telephone” or “friendship” or “disinterest”).

I will post the result here on this blog every Tuesday. For anyone who wants to join in the fun, here be some rules:

!) the photograph must feature a human, as per this post. Or at the very least an animal that thinks it is people.

2) the photograph must exhibit an overarching theme of change. This is allowed to be loosely interpreted.
ex: for the above photo I’d say “look the lady is standing in an ancient edifice where thousands of eyes once watched transfixed as gladiators bled and stabbed and died below. She, however, is transfixed on her smartphone. Times change.”

3) one must take the photo in the seven days preceding the post or it doesn’t count. No old pictures. No pictures before I choose the theme word. No wishing for more wishes.

I know I only have myself to disappoint should I fail to follow-through. My readership, after all, is mainly accidental visitors who google “cats” and “Malta” and some variation of “why are there so many there?” In the olden days slipping into my habit of leaving things until the last available moment never bothered me all that much – I secretly thrived (more or less). This little project will be different, I think. Not seeing this through would probably emotionally rival that time I got off the GO Train at Bronte instead of Burlington station. I cried.

Anyway, the end of every post will unveil the word for the next week. So you, cat googlers, miscellaneous family members of mine and accidental link clickers, please feel free to join my super exciting thing! If there is a week’s theme you can really get behind the camera for, share the result! I would love also if folks could send me suggestions of books to find words in.

…I am already behind, In case you hadn’t noticed…


7 thoughts on “I’ve resolved to do something, apparently.

  1. Kate and I read the first chapter of “Through the Looking-Glass” tonight if you are looking for a book. (The inscription inside the front cover reads “Yoelande. With love, from Aunt Lucy. Xmas 1910”)

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