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Consumerism 101: wrapping paper

As per usual, I left gift wrapping until the last minute. And I am never at home for that particular minute. While I could have used my grandmother’s Christmas-y paper, Poppa’s Toronto Star was just sitting there so….

this is probably the best use I could find for the automotive ection of the newspaper (Severn Bridge, Ontario)

newsprint, Post-its, black electrical tape and twine. this is probably the best use I could ever find for the automotive section of the newspaper. Ya can’t wrap presents with an online subscription, I’ll tell you that. (Severn Bridge, Ontario)

…the littlest brother received his future-novelist-themed gift wrapped in car advertisements and movie showtimes (bottom left and top right), my dad got a voucher made out of a story about Christmas redeemable for one photograph printed on canvas “or something equally nice” (top left), and my grandparents got an Anne Murray album featuring the face of a different Anne and the cast of Les Mis (bottom right). And that role (bottom middle) that looks like some sort of printed sausage is actually a corduroy shirt for the other brother.

You know, reduce, reuse, etc.


6 thoughts on “Consumerism 101: wrapping paper

      • That is super funny….I have 5 nieces who are the big highlight of our family Christmas happenings, and we always say things are a Christmas miracle. My youngest niece, who is in Kindergarten, as we were walking through a park in town with Christmas lights, as we passed a “No Entrance” sign on building door, said “I can read! It’s a Christmas miracle!” Lots of Christmas miracles in our family. 😀

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