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a panoramic photo of the parliament buildings and the lawn with hundreds of people joined hands in a circle form.

the round dance on Parliament Hill after the IdleNoMore rally. Have you ever been a part of a circle this big? (Ottawa, Canada)

A group of more than a 1000 strong marched from Victoria Island to Parliament Hill on Friday as part of the IdleNoMore movement.

The rally was in protest of Bill C-45, the omnibus budget legislation, and a powerful show of solidarity with Theresa Spence, chief of Attawapiskat First Nation, who was on day eleven of her hunger strike.

It was a cold, damp, blustery day. The weather had flags smacking protesters in the face (my face included), slush seeping into boots and fat snowflakes weaseling their ways into eyes, but this certainly did not diminish the chanting.

IdleNoMore Gallery (clickit. makeit bigger)

My small view of a huge event.


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