o my goodness LEAVES.


Parc de la Gatineau, Quebec (cell photo)

My cellular phone (read: life partner) is bursting at the seems with photos of leaves. Red leaves, yellow leaves, decaying leaves, leaves on trees…. the number of foliage photos is beginning to rival my phone’s cache of cat pictures. Yay.

You would think I’ve never experienced autumn before. But no, I just like leaves. Back when encyclopaedias were actual bound books I used to press fallen fronds between their pages to – in theory – gaze at on a later date.

(I would then forget about them only to have 17 brittle red maple leaves spill forth as I tried to look up “Canadarm.” An unwittingly patriotic moment.)

I decided I should use this preoccupation with autumn leaves for good and not evil (“evil” being defined as continuing to trap leaves in big old books). I would make something pretty. And take a picture of it.

Three parks later, after an hour of scouring the ground for the right leaves and ten minutes of intense thought on how to combat the light breeze (I used tape) I had it: the Fall Colour Wheel!

[Size matters sometimes. This is one of those times. Please click the circles below to view the full size images.]


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